My view

My view

I owe a lot of people an answer to that question.

Monday was my first day as an Account Supervisor at Nelson Schmidt, a full-service marketing & advertising agency in downtown Milwaukee. It’s  been a busy and fast-paced week, and overall, it’s been very good. Highlights have included friendly coworkers, interesting clients, delicious lunches, a short commute, and a hip workplace. The biggest challenge has been learning the day-to-day procedural stuff.

This whole experience, from losing my job at Hayes, through a 10-week period of unemployment, and into this new phase of my career – has been a real blessing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. It began almost immediately after I prayed that God would strengthen my faith, even if that meant going through a trial.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, wrote LinkedIn recommendations for me, and most of all – prayed for me. I really do have some wonderful friends and colleagues.