“Didn’t you just get a new ‘cross bike?”
“Isn’t the ‘cross season over?”
“How many ‘cross races did you actually do this year?”

Yes, yes, and two. So why am I getting a new bike? Well, when an award-winning builder offers a sweetheart price on a custom bike that’s going to be shown at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, I’m not the sort of fella to say “meh”. Besides, I ride my ‘cross bike a lot, especially in the spring when the roads are too messy for the road bike (unlike Katy). And I’m just a sucker for a pretty bike.

My new bike is being built by Drew Guldalian, owner of Engin Cycles. Drew’s 29er hardtail, which featured a prototype set of Hayes Stroker Gram brakes, won “Best Mountain Bike” at this year’s NAHBS. He posts a web gallery of every frameset he builds. Here’s the first picture of mine.
It may not look much like a bike right now, but if the final product ends up looking something like the bike Drew built for himself, I’ll be a very satisfied customer.