It seems there have been an alarming number of car-hits-bike accidents lately. Yesterday afternoon, as I rode home from work along the Menomonee River Parkway, I came within moments of witnessing one. Just north of Hartung Park, I passed a number of people standing around a man lying face-down in the road, his broken bike beside him. I asked if he was okay and if 911 had been called. The reply came that he was conscious, and that an ambulance was on its way. There was nothing else I could do to help, so rather than add to the growing crowd, I continued on my way, praying silently for both the victim and the driver who hit him.

I recently read an article in which the author speculated that the number of car/bike accidents will continue to increase until we reach a point where there are so many bikes on the road that drivers become accustomed to looking for them. I hope everyone who reads this, cyclist or otherwise, will speed the arrival of that day by driving and/or riding with greater courtesy and caution.