Kelley is really getting excited about riding. She and I did a nice 37mi ride on Saturday. Then she did a solo ride on Sunday. Last night, she did another two hours by herself while I was tearing it up on the Rainbow Ride. We’re planning on replacing her Trek 2000 with a new Specialized as soon as we sell my scooter. All this is preparation for the Door County Century on September 7. It’ll be Kelley’s first 100-mile ride and the first cycling event we do together.

My folks just bought a pair of Specialized comfort bikes from Attitude Sports in Fond du Lac. They’re hoping to pick them up by this weekend. I bought them each a Planet Bike computer, in addition to a pair of baggy cycling shorts for my dad on Father’s Day.

Two of my teammates – Gene Tolli and TJ Brooks – won their respective categories in last weekend’s state criterium championships. Chapeau, guys!

Lastly, I’m counting down the final days until Masters Nationals. Last night’s group ride was an absolute ripper, and I felt really good. This Saturday’s Badger State Games time trial will serve as my final test before Nats. A week after that, I’ll be on my way to Louisville. I’m excited for the race itself, and also for some rest when it’s over. Regardless of the outcome, I’m pleased with my decision to focus on Nats instead of Superweek this year. It’s been a refreshing change, and more importantly, it’s afforded me more time with Kelley. I’m looking forward to lots of bike adventures with her this summer/fall.

Oh, and I’m converting my recently acquired Surly Cross-Check from a singlespeed hipster bike into a less hip commuting/touring/utility bike. It’s getting a Sram Rival drivetrain, fenders, and a rack, and maybe a BOB trailer. In order to add back a little coolness, I’m giving it a custom paint job. Stay tuned for pictures.