I finally got my new Felt DA put together this week, and took it for a shake-down ride yesterday. Dang, is it nice. Even with my standard road wheels (not the deep-section race wheels), it felt super-fast. An even greater surprise was the fact that despite using nothing but my eyeball (both eyeballs, actually) I had dialed the position to within a few tweaks of perfection.

Dig the speed-glow!

My legs must have been inspired, because the numbers on the PowerTap display were looking really good. I’m not yet at the level I attained at last July’s state championship, but I’m not far off, either. With the national championships six weeks away, I’m feeling pretty encouraged.

Oh, and since I hadn’t previously mentioned it here, let me do so now. My main goal this season is the time trial at Masters Nationals (June 30). I’m eschewing most of the Wisconsin Cup calendar to focus on TTs, the first of which I’ll do this weekend. It’ll be held on the same course as the state championships, which take place the following week. It’ll be nice to get a good gauge of my current fitness and make any necessary adjustments before the medal round.

Although I doubt they’ll ever read this, I need to thank Bryan at Felt and Jordan at Saris for the good-guy deals.