This has got to stop. Two races and two crashes. Yes folks, this past Saturday I pinned on a number for just the second time this year, and once again it got torn off in a crash. This time, the cause was pilot error. In a nutshell, I had just attacked and gotten about a five-second gap on the field. I reached down to pull out my water bottle, and in doing so, stuck my left knee out slightly to make room to draw the bottle out of the cage and towards my mouth. Nothing unusual or dangerous about that, right? Unfortunately, I’d just cleaned and lubed the contact surfaces of my pedals, so the release tension had effectively been lessened. As a result, my foot suddenly came unclipped, and before I knew it, I was tumbling down the road in spectacular fashion as it was later recounted to me.

Thankfully, and to my amazement, my bike made it through without a scratch. My body fared worse. I ended up with minor abrasions on both shoulders and on my back. Worst hurt was my right knee, which gave up a couple acres of skin. After surveying the damage, I rolled back to the start/finish line, presented my bloody self to the officials, and got back in the race. I tried a couple more attacks, but to no effect, so I ended the race safely in the bunch. No way was I going to try my luck in the sprint. After the race, I realized that I’d cracked my helmet, but as best I can tell, I’m no more dumber that I wuz b4.

I’m a bit stiff today, but it’s Bike to Work Week, so I managed to ride in this morning. My next race is a time trial, so there’s a good chance I’ll break end my crashing streak. Let’s hope, anyway.