Scott took a pass today onacountta he had himself too much work to do. The foundation of French Broad Place was getting poured, so he had to be Mr. Bossman.

While Scott worked, Mark, Bill, and I rode into Brevard, did a little loop around town, then rode over Rich Mountain (including a 4mi gravel descent), and up to the modestly named Pretty Place before returning home. We ended the day with beer, burgers, and a pile of Irish nachos at Dugan’s pub.

Mark walks down towards the cross at Pretty Place:
The view from Pretty Place:

A number of plaques with Bible verses line the rail around the altar:
We had a little snack on the ledge before heading back down. No rush.
Mark contemplates the view and gives Organic Valley some good exposure.
Irish nachos:
Frank (Scott’s dad) joined us for dinner: