I’m currently in Taiwan for the Taipei Cycle tradeshow. It’s my first trip to Asia (not including Tajikistan), so everything’s new. Here are some interesting moments.

This is our booth: A lot of our suppliers sent flowers. So many that it looks like we’re hosting a funeral. We also have a foosball table, which appears to be the star of the funeral:
I noticed a funny sign above the urinal in the men’s room of our restaurant last night. It read, “Come closer, please.” I chose to keep my usual distance, just out of splashing range.
(Sorry about the messed-up orientation.)

As I so often do, I forgot to put the memory card in my camera on the first day. My camera does have some internal memory, so I was still able to take pictures. I didn’t bring the micro USB cable, though, so I couldn’t download them. I’ll do so when I get home.

In all, things have gone pretty well so far. No travel delays, no illness, no major jet lag. The Tour de Taiwan is going on presently, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch a stage. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in the convention center for the coming few days. I miss my wife and dogs.