Dangit. Wouldn’t you know that one day after declaring my intention to stay under 160#, the scale reads 161. Not cool. So here it is. As of today, no more sweets. If it comes to it (and I pray it doesn’t), I’ll even cut back my beer intake. Last year, I swelled to 166 in January before amending my diet and getting back down to a low of 152 in July. This year, my aim is to be no more than 158 on January 1, 155 by February 1, and 152 by March 1. After that, my training volume increases enough to keep the weight off through the end of the season.

Fortunately, my knee is already feeling much better, so I hope to be able to do an easy spin tonight. It’s so much easier and more fun to burn calories than it is to not eat them.