I wrapped up the 2007 racing season yesterday at the Wisconsin state cyclocross championships in Hales Corners. The course was covered in slush and mud, making for quite a spectacle. Truth be told, I was hoping the conditions would scare off enough people to give me a legitimate chance of winning. I came in third in the previous race, so maybe…

Wrong. I fell off at least four times in the first lap and a half. The last one came right next to the parking lot, which was lucky, because I smashed my knee against my handlebar. It was equally painful and infuriating. I picked myself up as best I could, dragged my bike back to the car, got changed, and drove off. Working the clutch was a real treat. In fact, I began to worry that I might have broken my kneecap. 20 hours and nearly as many ibuprofens later, the swelling has gone down, and I’m able to hobble around okay. I’ll probably be off the bike for another couple days, though.

Despite its ignominious end, 2007 has been a tremendous season. Today is the first of the 40 longest days of the year, and the official beginning of the off-season. I’m determined to keep my weight below 160 and to build a nice big base like I did last winter. If anyone reading this would care to join Paul, Phil, and me for a basement trainer ride, consider yourself invited. We’re currently serving cherry-vanilla stout in the Yunkerbrau keggerator.