My policy of keeping a “door plus” distance from parked cars paid off on the ride home today. A guy (ironically wearing a yellow safety vest) nearly got me with the door of his F150. All either of us could manage was “errrgh”. Once the danger was past, I fired off a menacing “be careful!” You can bet that’s still ringing in his ears. So let that be a lesson, kids. Just cuz it ain’t moving doesn’t mean a car’s not out to get you.

Also, I began to philosophize about the corrections system. It occurs to me that it really doesn’t correct much. We say inmates are paying their debt to society, but doesn’t it cost society money to imprison them in the first place? Why isn’t there some means by which perps can make tangible contributions to society with all that time they spend in the pen? Couldn’t they do some of the low-wage work that has largely moved overseas, and in the process, learn some actual skills (as opposed to the “skilz” that got them there)? I mean, they should at least offset the cost of their room and board. Why should they get a free ride while college kids deliver pizzas and tend bar to pay for theirs?

Dr. Brooks – I eagerly await your comment. That is, if you can spare a moment from your current research…