I’ve had this ugly old Peugot townie bike for a few years, but I’ve been too embarrassed to ride it, onaccounta its ugliness. It was white with these “festive” splashes of pink, purple, and green. ‘Nuff said. Today, I finally got around to giving it the manly Krylon touch. As you can see, it’s a metallic bronze now, with a classic “chrome” drive-side chainstay. I did the fork in silver initially, but the paint went on too thick, and it ended up with a weird, distorted look. Sounds cool, but it wasn’t. Once it dried, I did it over in the same bronze as the frame. I’m going to re-build my rugged new steed with a bullhorn bar as soon as Quality delivers me some cheap-o Tektro brake levers. The rest of the running gear will be Shimano Exage – 6sp freewheel and down-tube shifters, baybee. Oh, and fenders. Rawk.

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